Into the Wild

This is the first fully-done song since 2007. The core idea, main riffs and instrument choices were done on an iPad during a road trip through Alaska.

Reflections from UX Week In sunny San Francisco

“Bock bock bckooohh!” “Mooooooo!” “Bahahahaha!” “Woof!” (uhh… pig and elephant sounds too) – all at the same time, multiplied by 50 people performing them.

When I signed up for Adaptive Path’s UX Week, I never imagined being in a large conference room with grown professionals having their eyes closed, walking around making assorted animal noises, trying to find their respective group, flock, herd or pack. Mixed emotions included, “The people running this thing are crazy”, “We’re crazy for listening to them”, “This is hilarious!”, “This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done”. It was extremely difficult to make my assigned sheep sound between laughs.

Device-Free Media Queries

If you look at media query templates, often enough, you’ll find things that will have iPhone, iPad, and maybe some Android devices listed in there. But with devices changing so often and having portrait and landscape, why not make your life easier?

Mobile Safari Hide Browser Chrome

If you Google how to remove the mobile Safari browser chrome, you’ll likely find something with a timeout setting the scroll position to 0. This is great and all, but it doesn’t deal with the scenarios such as if the user has already scrolled down before the full DOM load, or if going to a particular ID within the page.

Mimi & Chichi Fashion Blog

This is a fashion blog that I designed in mid-2010 for a couple friends. The original site in 2008-09 was JG Concierge, which was a concierge shopper site with a secondary blog.

With M&C, we re-did the branding and shifted the emphasis from the concierge service to the blog, which has proven to be successful.

Escalate by Ian Smith

Escalate was a struggle with existentialism. It dealt with relationships, and what to do in life… and feeling bad about first-world problems.

It was an obsession with time and control.

Race to the Moon by Awkward Rocket

Indiana-based ninjas Christofer Chamberlin (lead vocals / rhythm guitar) and Brett Winning (bassist / vocals) had a contagious fire in their hearts that made it impossible for Ian Smith (lead guitarist) and Mike Gomez (drummer) to not get on board.

With many of their songs already written, months of practice in Mike’s living room quickly melded the unique styles and influences of each band member.

iPad ePub Template

A few people have asked about an ePub template, so I’m posting what I got done from making a test version for the iPad. It was a test of full fixed-sized pages where the content doesn’t flow onto other screens. I spent a long time with measuring different widths and heights, so this file contains specifically that. You’d need to modify for whatever you want to do.

CSS 101 A Hands-On Experience

There are a lot of online tutorials about learning CSS, but the way I learn best is by just getting my hands dirty. What I’m going to do is introduce the most important concepts as they come, while building a real-life project that you can run away with.